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Dominants, submissives, switches, pros, cuckoldresses, and more! Here's the AMAZING schedule! 


Hi! I'm Miss Nookie, and I'm a dominant woman. I also teach around the world on topics related to power exchange, love, sex, romance, and kink. 

It's been seven years since I personally taught a full day workshop, and I'm ready to jump back in. 
I'll work with all of you—dominants, submissives, switches, and the curious, whether you are partnered or still seeking your best-fit relationship—on a deep dive into what the ideal woman in charge relationship looks like to you, how to find it, create it, maintain it, and, of course, troubleshoot it.

We start off with a discussion about Women in Charge relationships, and the many varied forms they can take. We dive into what YOU want and what would work best with your personality, and how to either find that or create it with the partner you have. 

 Here are some of the questions I ask and talk through with you:
 Why are you aroused by submissive fantasies? 

 What does it mean to you to take control?

 What does a good leader look like? 

 Are you even submissive? 

 Why strong women are often turned off by overt submission, and what to do or look for instead!

 How and why FLR fantasies are so often such a mismatch.

 Changing your life to create YOUR best FLR. 

 Is 24/7 right for you? 

 Creating confidence in your self: body and role.
I then go on to  talk about communication in a woman-led power exchange dynamic. What are some of the tips and tricks that has worked for me over the years, and what has worked for you (or what hasn't?). 

I'll share thoughts about handling conflict in and out of the power exchange, so you have solid tools on how to create happiness and harmony in your relationships. 
 I'm NEW! (They're NEW!) Introducing Women in Charge Dynamics to your partner. 

 How to create your best relationship (even if you have abuse and trauma in your past)

 What abuse looks like in Women in Charge relationships (from the dominant OR the submissive!) 

 How to change your current relationship patterns and be amazing in love! 

 How your D/s Love Languages affect your dynamic.

 How to incorporate behavior modification and training in every interaction, to build a loving FLR.

 Showing appreciation and desire. 

 Continuous Negotiation: An ongoing conversation within your dynamic. 

 Rewards, rituals, punishments & service
Finally, we'll talk about some parallel kinks to Women in Charge, and how to integrate those into your lifestyle. How to ask for and talk about your fantasies and what you want and need. We'll look at the power of good leadership, and what it means to be a submissive partner to a strong woman.
 SEX! And the Women in Charge Relationship.

 Scenes: The best ones are co-created!

 Kinks & Fetishes & Fantasies, Oh My! 

 When the going gets tough, the Leaders Step Up! 

 But I'm not so sure about that: Reconciling what you both want and need.

 Opening up & being vulnerable about desire: Fudge! That's hard.

 Humiliation and degradation: Say what?!? 
Six amazing hours of targeted and actionable content, to help you create and maintain the woman-led relationship of your dreams! 
Your ticket price not only gets you access to live events throughout the year, but so much more!
 Online Community (to connect and learn as you go through the content)

 Community-Focused Social Mixers

 Replays (in video AND audio formats)

 And more! 

WOMEN IN CHARGE, I'm talking to you! 

 (Or women curious about being in charge or switches...)
Submissive? Go here. 
What does it feel like to change someone's behavior with just a look or a word? 

Do you know? Can you imagine? 

 It feels...powerful. Sexy. Amazing. 

To me, ultimately feels just...right. 

I'll be honest. I'm not what you'd probably expect a FemDom to be. I mean, yeah, I do like to wear leather, and latex sometimes, but on a day-to-day basis, I'm pretty normal (whatever that is). I have a few extra pounds on me, I have a busy life, and I love wearing yoga pants and sandals. 
I don't walk in my door to a naked slave kneeling and begging to serve me. I don't get foot service every night. I don't wake up to breakfast in bed every weekend, or get flowers every day. 

In fact, I get a lot of sass from my partner (I love that actually, LOL!). 
Vanilla Nookie
Pretty freaking normal, really. Few people would pause to think I'm anything other than your average middle-aged woman. 

I probably smile more than the average middle-aged woman, though. 

In fact, I probably smile more than most humans. I usually have a smile on my face.

Because I'm living my most powerful, sexy, amazing—and most importantly, AUTHENTIC life as a dominant woman to my partner. 

I'm also a kinky community organizer in my local area, and I run a kinky business (you're looking at part of it). I love leading.

And I love being a part of an amazing community of strong women who are living their best lives as women in charge of their relationships.

This entire weekend is devoted to YOU, to us. To the women who take charge, lead, and make our relationships the best they can be. 

Join the FLR, FemDom & Women in Charge community and connect with other women living this life (and wanting to), learning and discussing topics like:
 What is dominance? 

 Are there different types of submissives? 

 How to avoid abusive submissives. 

 Getting started. 

 Setting meaningful expectations.

 Creating and maintaining your most powerful boundaries.

 Who are YOU as a Woman in Charge?

 Communication in and out of your dynamic.

 Navigating Nonmonogamous relationships with a power exchange dynamic.

 Developing confidence in your dominance. 

 Find your erotic dominant self. 

 Ideas and tips for sexy scenes.

 Being Playful in your dominance.

 Punishments or no punishments? 

 And more! 

And not only will you be learning, but you'll be engaging. With each other, with submissives, and with the presenters in the community. You'll be able to ask your most difficult questions and get them answered!

SUBMISSIVES, I'm talking to you! 

 (Or those curious about submitting to women or switches...)
Dominant? Go here. 

I love you. 

Really, truly, I do. 

I have a deep respect and appreciation for those who choose to submit to others. It's an amazing thing to me, and an honor to accept. 

I've tried submission. I did. I thought I could be a switch. 

I was wrong. Submission is a very different beast, and if you can do it, you are amazing to me. 

I know you have your own challenges. 

And I'm here for you, because I want you to succeed! I want you to find the BEST Woman in Charge relationship for you. 

Join the FLR, FemDom & Women in Charge community and  connect with other submissive living this life (and wanting to), learning and discussing topics like:
 What is submission?

 Are there different types of dominants?

 Where and how to meet dominant women. 

 How to avoid abusive dominants.

 Getting started.

 What you might do that will INSTANTLY turn off a dominant woman.

 Setting meaningful expectations.

 Creating and maintaining your necessary boundaries.

 Who are YOU as a submissive to Woman in Charge?

 Getting YOUR needs met in a power dynamic. 

 Finding and creating fantasy fulfillment. 

 How to learn and grow as a submissive.

 Bringing submission into your daily (even vanilla) life.

 Your D/s languages. 

 Sex as a submissive versus "submissive sex." 

 And more! 

And not only will you be learning, but you'll be engaging. With each other, with dominant women, and with the presenters. You'll be able to ask your most difficult questions and get them answered!